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Wise Words from 1,000 Elders

Thought I’d share this article with you all in case you haven’t stumbled upon it yet… a new book about life lessons from those at the latter end of their own ‘wise routes’.

The book – “30 Lessons for Living” – “offers practical advice from more than 1,000 older Americans from different economic, educational and occupational strata who were interviewed as part of the ongoing Cornell Legacy Project.” This NY Times article lets us in on a few of enlightening trends about marriage, careers, aging, regrets, and happiness.

Advice From Life’s Graying Edge on Finishing With No Regrets

I also really love this video about success (connected to the NY Times article):

Hope everyone is off to a 2012 full of adventure, love, and ever wider eyes.

– Claire

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12 New Years Un-Resolutions for 2012.

With mere hours until the clock strikes 2012, most people are crafting a line-up of hefty expectations for Monday and the 365 days to follow. Usually new year’s resolutions fall into a few categories: we want to get in shape, make more money, eat healthier, be kinder to people, call home more, take more time for ourselves, and wash our socks more often (right?). These conclusive resolutions are hard to stick to (or in my case, remember), so this year, I’m doing something a little different.

Here’s why.

This year I riled up the confidence to take a leap of faith onto, well, my bicycle. Brandon and I rode down the Pacific coast learning from innovators in alternative education and wise strangers with beautiful, dissonant, complex, raw stories about their life’s learnings. 2011 was a powerful year for us because of them and you.

More than any epic tailwind, we were propelled by the kindness of friends and strangers to support two young crazy people with a young crazy idea. Your advice, dollars (big and small), spontaneous ideas, kind enthusiastic emails, gear donations, clever comments on our blog posts, and ‘likes’ on our Facebook page (wink), meant more than you know. On days when the coastal wind was cold and our legs were tired and we were stuck somewhere far away, your gestures reminded us that we weren’t alone and we weren’t that crazy. Your wise words and small gestures sprinkled throughout the year helped us much more than any ‘lump sum’ resolution we made last January 1st.

So. Un-resolutions.

This year, instead of resolutions, I’m making a list of pocket-size {daily} inspirations. They’re un-resolutions because they aren’t “resolved”… these are ongoing simple quotes, photos, and reminders to live fully, healthfully, and with a hearty sense of openness in each breath – wisdom given to me in 2011 that I hope to offer out in 2012.

1. What is the most important skill? To see the sun every morning and to realize that the sun is shining. A lot of people they don’t see that the sun is shining, even if she is. That is, to see the nature. – Lotti Bitterli, our adopted Swiss bike mother

2. {quote by Ram Dass, art by yours truly}

3. If it isn’t the mystery or the mystery unraveling, then it is nothing. – Walt Whitman

4. I think success now means being in the moment, not being worried. It’s a lesson that becomes obvious as you age. You can always enjoy things that are in front of you. If you invest your time enjoying things, it pays great benefits. If you spend your time worrying, it pays no benefits. Become interested in the process. – Jim Irving, coffeeshop owner in Bodega Bay, CA

5. Everybody is your mirror. I think that we’re always getting feedback on a daily basis… it’s just this constant, circular thing. What if we saw ourselves as the source of generating what it means to thrive? And then that gets mirrored in our relationships and our world. – Kristin Hayden, founder of OneWorld NOW!

6. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. – Dr. Seuss


8. {Ubuntu ngumuntu ngabantu} A person is a person through other persons. – Zulu proverb

9. {We are very small} Touch the earth lightly. – lots of people, especially Annemarie

10. Sometimes it’s important to eat a nice hot donut. – Joey, my college roommate

11. How do I find success? I start the day being the best man I can. Endeavor to be a better man. And go to bed with no regret. And wake up in the morning with no guilt. – Fred Williams

12. Breathe and be wide-eyed. The unofficial motto of our project and the closest I can get to a resolution for 2012.

To 2012 we go!

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