Ze buk is ze done!

Our much awaited Wise Routes Project Book – RIDE SOMEWHERE FAR – has finally been published! And the Kickstarter supporters that provided their addresses by this morning have packages on the way…!!

…yep, we’re psyched….

If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, have no fear! You can pick up your very own copy right here.


In case you’re interested… here’s a description:

Ride Somewhere Far is a guidebook to using your bicycle as a vehicle for discovering, learning from, and creating the world you wish to live in. It combines personal narrative with practical touring advice and relevant resources for the aspiring two-wheeled traveler.

Ride Somewhere Far makes bicycle travel a simple, fun, inexpensive, and eye-opening way to more intimately connect with your world – be it across the sea or right in your own city.


2 thoughts on “Ze buk is ze done!

  1. simonnurse says:

    Well done both for producing a lovely book. I received mine on Saturday – across the pond in Cardiff, Wales (UK).

    I’ve blogged about it here http://cyclestuff.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/pedals-paddles-and-getting-out-there/ I hope it does well.

    Best wishes,


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