Buzzing in DC…

We’ve had a foot-stompin’, hootin’hollerin’ whirlwind of a time visiting great friends and old favorite spots in DC this week. In lots of ways, it feels like we never left {it feels like home}.

The week of play has been sprinkled with a hearty dose of “work” too.

On Wednesday, the Howard Gardner School (HGS) in Alexandria, VA invited us to speak to their middle and high school students about our Wise Routes Project bike trip, and self-designed learning more generally. At HGS, students have opportunities throughout each year to self-design elements of their curriculum, including an entire semester during senior year to design an independent project. Recognizing that this can be both exciting and daunting, we shared some of the things we learned from self-designing our bike tour to (hopefully) inspire excitement and creative ideas around the challenge.

The students asked awesome questions and we loved the discussion that formed. The knowledge exchange went both ways. It was particularly helpful for me to be around teenagers in order to regain a pulse on what questions and concerns they have about self-designed learning. As we continue to work on our book, this is superduperduper important.

Thanks to Matt Hawley for snapping a few photos of the day:



2 thoughts on “Buzzing in DC…

  1. Erika says:

    As you’re thinking about your book, have you checked out “The Teenage Liberation Handbook” by Grace Llewellyn? Matt Hern references it a number of times in “Field Day” (which I’m reading now) and looks like it’s well worth a read.

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